What our customers say

Steve Ingle
‘Our experience of having an ACHEO kitchen designed and fitted by Ferrious was a very positive one. From initial consultation, through design drawings, final agreed plan and completion of the works – we were kept informed throughout the whole process. Having a dedicated Project Manager who was regularly on site worked brilliantly; any potential or actual problems were quickly picked up and dealt with.The finished result looks stunning and the quality of the fittings are obvious. We have a kitchen that is modern and stylish, well laid out and designed for maximum practicality and usability. Living in a City centre apartment we needed to capitalise on all available space, but also wanted a design that would harmonise an open plan living space. We got everything we asked for thanks to Rob and the Team at Ferrious.’
Eleanor Lovell
Some people work to live, and some are lucky enough to live to work, like this little gang of creatives. They make sure you get what works. You know you’re on to something here when you get that feeling, you’re just happy and easy with people let loose in your own home, and you know you can trust them to get what you’re thinking, and it’s all really easy? The atmosphere in the showroom is homely and understated cool elegance. They just sell sexy stuff to put in your home. Just beware your teenage kids in onesy’s don’t spoil the look!
Caroline Meredith
Jeremy, Paul and the gang designed my dream italian kitchen and brought it all life, complete with fabulous lighting and dining furniture. They also designed a fantastic wardrobe storage solution which managed to hold all of my husbands clothes; a challenge not to be under estimated ! We’ve sold that house now but I look forward to doing it all over again with them !
Lawrence Till
Having seen a number of their earlier projects Ferrious were my first choice when I decided to remodel and design my house. The practice led me carefully through the process, listening carefully to my needs and kept me informed of progress, from plans and modelling through all engineering and construction to final snagging. Ferrious are careful listeners, have exacting standards of finish and create design which both brilliantly matches space and use. Ferrious were responsible for the entire £250,000 project and it was project managed with skill, enthusiasm and enormous integrity. I was offered a superlative service which I believe was excellent value and matched my needs and requests throughout the eighteen months of planning through to completion
Nick Johnson
Ferrious is pretty much a one off in retail these days – they’re passionate, knowledgeable and can get pretty much anything you want, from anywhere at the right kind of price. The service is spot on from guys who own their business and treat everyone as they would want to be treated. We had problems with goods supplied to them and, on our behalf, battled with the supplier to not only get a replacement but also a free issue item by way of compensation. You should make a positive decision to shop with them, not shop around them…
Robert Walker
If you love furniture, you will love Ferrious. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, relaxed atmosphere and the best selection of contemporary furniture outside London !
Saskia Abbott
The Ferrious team are an incredibly talented, generous group of people who have been a joy and an inspiration to work with. From the beginning, the dedication and passion given to our project has been unfaltering, and the vision of the design, breathtaking. If I could find more rooms in my house, or more space on which to build, I’d move them in and just keep going… Thanks for it all.






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