Our style

At ferrious we work to our strengths. For the past 20 years we have been chosen to work on projects that are specific to our passion for contemporary design, and our kitchens reflect that. Rather than offering a multitude of different handle and door styles we focus on offering beautiful, design led contemporary kitchens. Our award winning designs are about simplicity and elegance with a hint of drama, working with each client to ensure rationality in the kitchen and help them choose materials and finishes from our huge bank of resources.
Our style is centred around practicality and detail rather than a specific image or trend, and as each project is different it needs to reflect the nature and personal style of the individual client. We bring our experience to the table and help the client by looking at the space, its constraints and the requirements and produce designs that work. Below you can see case study examples that show the differences in the kitchens we design with different constraints and client briefs while at the same time bring cohesion and functionality to the space.


Examples of our style







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